Some girl said that they were dating do you think is possible ?
– Anonymous

I don’t think it is possible!
I mean everything is possible actually but this thing I don’t know but there is no signs that tells that they are dating or even friends!
There is no twitter chats, no instagram comment (not even in an old photos) and there is no picture for them together!
And if you looked at Lala’s instagram you would see that she posted a photo from the match day only for her, Dani Alves and Neymar but Rafinha Alcantara wasn’t in it and she didn’t mention him!?
From my opinion, I don’t think they are but different people have different opinion ;) xx

posted on September 22nd
Is rafa dating lala gadea ???
– Anonymous

There is no signs that they are dating, not even a pic where they actually smile or talk to each other so by far they aren’t :)
Hoping I helped xoxo

posted on September 22nd

Frankie how could you?

posted on September 21st
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ive seen some disturbing things in my time and let me tell you son, frank lampard in a man city shirt is one of them

Oh yes this is my Andre! πŸ‘πŸ‘

I am in my worst looks and I just hope that it would be better by the day of our flight!



Favorite song!!


title: Everybody Wants To Rule the World
artist: Lorde
album: Dracula Untold
played: 1170 times


Ask me some questions please, I’m really sad and I need distraction. (Don’t ask me about my sadness pls tho)

Oh same feelings honey :(

Breaking promises is the most annoying shit in this life!

posted on September 19th